- Liam Mayclem, The KCBS Foodie Chap
Liam & Chef Borges (credit: Foodie Chap/Liam Mayclem)

Liam & Chef Borges (credit: Foodie Chap/Liam Mayclem)


KCBS radio “Foodie Chap” and CBS 5 television “Eye On The Bay” host Liam Mayclem introduces us to the culinary stars behind the food and wine loved by so many in the Bay Area.

KCBS Foodie Chap Podcast:


Chef Chris Borges gained his appreciation for good food in the great city of New Orleans where he was born and raised and where food is still an integral part of life. Watching and working by the side of Daisy Perkins, a family friend, restaurateur, and fourth generation Creole, Chris developed the sense of passion for cooking (and eating!) that is reflected in his work and life today. Laissez le bon temps roule!

The Bay Area came calling in 1990 when he ventured to Stanford University, where he majored in biology with the hope of pursuing a career in pediatrics. A trip to a local farmerís market his senior year changed all that. The wealth and beauty of the produce in California inspired Chris, and compelled him to answer the call to food not as a hobby, but as a career.

Chef Chris Borges (credit: Foodie Chap/Liam Mayclem)

Chef Chris Borges (credit: Foodie Chap/Liam Mayclem)

“Being a chef is about making people happy through food.”
– Chef Chris Borges

Moving to San Francisco after graduation, Chris worked in a number of restaurants in the city while attending the California Culinary Academy. His first management position came as a sous chef at Roti Restaurant, the acclaimed spot first opened by Cindy Pawlcyn in the early 1990s. When an executive chef position opened at Infusion Bar & Restaurant, a SOMA hotspot with a three star San Francisco Chronicle rating and deep commitment to serious dining, Chris jumped at the chance.

Honing his skills and creativity at Infusion for five years, Chris decided to challenge himself in the world of fine catering and joined the Taste team in August of 2002. Chris anticipated a short stay at Taste, but the company’s philosophy, dedication, and professionalism inspired Chris to seek a more permanent position within the company. He was promoted to executive chef in February 2005 and continues to be inspired by Taste’s passion to move forward, and, of course, by the wonderful bounty of food that the Bay Area has to offer.

Taste catering oversees the menu at San Francisco’s Press Club at the foot of the Four Seasons Hotel. The setting is one of a kind; chic, hip, sexy and where suits meet for power lunches or couples get cosy on dates as the sun goes down. The menu of seasonal small plates by Chef Chris are paired perfectly with wines from around the corner (Napa, Sonoma) and around the world (France, Italy, Spain).

Chef Chris and I met at Press Club recently for our Foodie Chap chat and cooking demo. His Grilled Short Ribs Florentine with a Tuscan Kale Salad made for a breakfast of champs the morning we taped our segment.

Enjoy the recipe and the conversation.


Grilled Short Ribs Florentine Style With Tuscan Kale Salad (credit: Foodie Chap/Liam Mayclem)

Grilled Short Ribs Florentine Style With Tuscan Kale Salad (credit: Foodie Chap/Liam Mayclem)


Grilled Short Ribs Florentine Style
With Tuscan Kale Salad

Serves 4

1.5 lbs Korean style cross cut short ribs
12 oz 7-up
1.5 cups pinot noir
1/3 cup soy sauce
8 garlic cloves, halved
2 lemons, juiced
º cup Dijon mustard
º cup olive oil
1 T sugar

1 bunch Tuscan kale, washed, ribs removed
2 T dried currants, plumped in white wine
3 T toasted pine nuts
1 T sherry vinegar
3 T olive oil

4 T good quality extra virgin olive oil
Ω lemon

Make the marinade for the short ribs:

Combine the 7-up and the next six ingredients and pour over the short ribs. Let sit overnight.

Remove the short ribs from the marinade and dry on paper towels. Strain the marinade, add the sugar and reduce all in a sauce pot, skimming frequently, until thick and syrupy. Let cool.

Brush the short ribs with the reduced marinade and grill both sides over very high heat until done, approximately 2-3 minutes per side.

Chiffonade the Tuscan kale. Toss the kale, currants, and pinenuts with the sherry vinegar and olive oil. Place on a plate and top with the warm grilled short ribs. Finish the ribs with the extra virgin, a squeeze of lemon and salt to taste.


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