SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Facebook is making it much easier to find information about your friends on their website. CEO of the social-networking company, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled Graph Search on Tuesday.

Think of this as Google, but not for the whole world, but just for your social graph, which is a term that Facebook made up. It could be your friends on Facebook, it could be friends of friends.

I could do a search for example. I could say what restaurants do friends in New York or Chicago like. Or it could even be something like, ‘show me a list of Facebook friends who are under 30.’ You name it and it will find the appropriate cross section.

It seems like it would come in handy for restaurant and movie recommendations, but also in searching for specific photos.

While this will come in handy for the social network’s users, they still face the issue of their lack of ability to monetize this new capability.

A reporter asked Zuckerberg about that very issue, and his response was that they build products they like first and then worry about monetization later.

Of course privacy, when it comes to Facebook, is always a concern, but this doesn’t change anything or any kind of privacy tool. If it was private before, it’s private now. However, it’s much easier to find, so be really careful that what you want private remains private. If there’s an ugly picture of you, you might want to un-tag it or even delete it.

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