ATLANTA (CBS) — Four-time Super Bowl Quarterback Joe Montana delivered some news to Atlanta that they didn’t want to hear.

The San Francisco 49ers legend, in an interview on CBS Radio’s 92.9 The Game in Atlanta about the upcoming NFC Championship Game, predicted that the 49ers will go all the way to the Super Bowl under the leadership of Coach Jim Harbaugh and current QB Colin Kaepernick.

Here’s a summary of Montana’s comments….

On the current 49ers:

“They’re doing things a little differently, I think more so offensively. When you look at their defense, we always have our own feelings that our teams were better than anybody. We had some pretty good defenses and I think that’s the biggest key to where they are at today. They’ve got a young quarterback playing, who’s playing fairly well, he’s lost a couple games, and their defense has won them couple for them and let him settle down. The talk around (Kaepernick) is that he’s only going to get better. They’re dangerous right now.”

On Jim Harbaugh:

“If you’re around Jim for any length of time when it’s on the field, there’s definitely a business atmosphere, but there’s a lot of fun coming out of there. He’s definitely got them playing and he’s the big key to the turnaround there. He’s made a couple acquisitions but he’s pretty much kept the same team there.”

On Colin Kaepernick:

“The only questions with those type of players is how long they can stay healthy. You look at what happened to RG III already. Yeah there was a prior injury. The thing that people forget with the quarterback is they’re not built for running. They don’t lift like a running back, they don’t eat like a running back, they don’t train like a running back. And the difference there is, a running back, they get hard they can come out of the game.”

Falcons vs Niners:

“I think the biggest key is what the Niners offense can sustain against Atlanta. I think Atlanta’s going to be able to put up some points because they have so many weapons. I know the 49ers have a good defense, but in today’s day and age they either have to get to the quarterback (Ryan) or they have to be able to score some points.”

Advice to the QBs in the game:

“With Colin, although he came back from it last week, don’t make the throw he made in the (Packers) game, don’t make the big mistake early, let yourself settle down, it’s OK to punt. We have a good defense. With Atlanta, they have to make plays, I think they realize that the defense rules for San Francisco. They have to go out there and make plays early in the game, get the crowd on their side.”

Joe’s Super Bowl Prediction:

New England vs San Francisco

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