SACRAMENTO (KCBS) — California already has strict gun laws but Gov. Jerry Brown said on Wednesday that he welcomes President Barack Obama’s idea behind proposed gun laws at a federal level and said they would reduce the number of illegal guns in the state.

While it’s illegal in the state of California to own certain assault weapons and magazines that hold more than ten rounds such is not the case in adjacent states.

Gun advocates, however, maintain the state laws are unconstitutional.

“One of the missing ingredients is the guns that come in from other states: Arizona, Nevada which is virtually free-flow. You go to gun shows and then come across the border so national legislation is crucial,” Brown said.

“Without endorsing individual elements, I think national rules to supplement and make more universal our own state rules are very good. That’s the right path.”

Charles Nichols, president of California Right to Carry, however, is taking another road. He dismissed President Obama’s proposed gun laws as cosmetic and would likely be overturned by Congress and the courts.

He is more concerned he said, with ammunition sales in California and the open-carry ban that he is suing Attorney General Kamala Harris to overturn.

“We have an illegal gun law in California — an unconstitutional ban on carrying firearms in public. I didn’t preach rebellion; I took the state to court,” Nichols said.

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