OAKLAND (CBS 5) – A resident of Oakland’s Redwood Heights section said he was shot at while waiting on hold to report the attempted daytime burglary of his neighbor’s home.

Ford Frazier said he was at home around 1:40 p.m. Tuesday when he saw three men across the street trying to burglarize a home. He waited on hold with 911 as the men tried to enter the home.

“As I was on hold for 911, they gave up…and headed back down the stairs and looked around the street again as they were looking for another target…and then headed for their car,” recalled Frazier.

“I’m standing here on my phone, and they’re coming across the street there, getting in the car… and then the guy took a shot at me right there…and the bullet is right in the wall over there. You can see that black mark,” he continued. “I could feel the air as the bullet went by…it was a little breeze… and then my neighbor came running out and said, ‘did you hear the gunshot?”

Frazier said it felt like he was on hold with 911 for 10 minutes. Not quite. Not even close.

“In this particular case, It wasn’t 10 minutes, it was 2.5 minutes. But 2.5 minutes can seem like a very long time, we understand that,” said Oakland Police Spokesperson Johnna Watson.

Watson said once Frazier got through to a dispatcher, cops were sent immediately.

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