SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — And then there were two… Teams, that is, ready to face off in the big game this Sunday, proving once and for all which is the best NFL team in the country.

Both San Francisco and Baltimore are fantastic cities with great Americans who are wonderful football fans.

As the 49ers and Ravens prepare for Super Bowl XLVII, many pundits and commentators try to compare the two cities off the football field. So, below is our cultural comparisons between San Francisco and Baltimore as the cities get ready to face off.

San Francisco Vs. Baltimore
City Namesakes: St. Francis of Assisi/Irishman Lord Baltimore

Tourist Mecca: Fisherman’s Wharf/Inner Harbor
Architecture: Painted Ladies/Row houses
Photogenic Span: Golden Gate Bridge/Francis Scott Key Bridge
Tallest Building: Transamerica Pyramid, 853 ft./Transamerica Tower, 529 ft.

Movie Fame: ‘Vertigo’/’Hairspray’
Fave Filmaker: George Lucas/John Waters
Literary Giants: Dave Eggers/Tom Clancy

Politicians: Nancy Pelosi/Nancy’s dad, Thomas
Mr. Williams: Robin/Montel

Clothier: Levi Strauss/Abercrombie & Fitch
Seafood: Dungeness crab/Blue crab
Cutting-edge Science: UCSF/Johns Hopkins

(Copyright 2012 CBS San Francisco. All rights reserved.)


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