SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – “You couldn’t ask for a greater game,” John Madden said of Super Bowl XLVII, won by the Baltimore Ravens over the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. “It had the ebb and flow. There were times that it looked like it could be a blowout and the 49ers were going to be on the wrong end of it. And to make a great game, they had to make a great comeback. And they made it a great game by making a great comeback… As a 49er you could probably ask for the ending to be reversed.”

Madden said despite the loss, Colin Kaepernick solidified his reputation as an elite NFL quarterback in only his 10th game as a starter. “I would give him an A; I thought he was great,” Madden said.

“It didn’t start good for him and it didn’t end good for him, but the middle of the sandwich was pretty good. The thing about Kaepernick is you’re going to have him for a long time. And I think if there’s anything that makes the 49ers, the 49er organization, coaches, team and fans feel good, it has to be that that guy is not a good one, he’s a great one, he’s going to be a great one, and you have him for a long time.”

The 49ers’ futile, final drive ended near the goal line with three pass plays. “Part of that is the execution of the plays they called, part of it is the plays they called, and part of it is the Ravens defense,” Madden said. “I’ve been there, and I know what it is, and I know when it doesn’t work it’s going to be criticized.”

“Frank Gore has been their workhorse. When you need some tough yards, when you need some tough running, you give it to Frank Gore… I hate second guessing, and then I start doing it myself, and I hate that,” said Madden.

Madden agreed with many observers that 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree was held on the 49ers final offensive play. “It looked like it. They did have a shot of the guy holding him. I don’t know what more you need.”

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