SAN JOSE (KCBS)— San Jose’s graffiti abatement and removal program has made some pretty good inroads thanks in part to a smartphone app called Clean San Jose.

Abatement is administered by the San Jose Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS) and there’s no holiday when it comes to graffiti removal, but residents are now playing an instrumental role in helping the city remove what officials consider blight.

While many city services have been reduced because of budget cuts, the graffiti removal contractor, a Los Angeles-based company called Graffiti Protective Coatings (GPC), has thrived from what has previously been reported as a $3.1 million five-year contract with the city.

“They’re a company who’s really focused on our city and put a lot of their resources above and beyond the call of duty, quite honestly, to make sure that this city can look as best as it can,” said Mario Marciel with the city’s Neighborhood Empowerment Unit.

He said the crews maximize their day by using geo-mapping and GPS technology. The app that can be used on both iPhone or Android devices is the easiest way to report graffiti taggings and explained how it works.

“It’s amazing because you take a picture of the graffiti that’s bothering you. You send it in [and] a report is generated. You get a photo sent back to you of that same area that had graffiti on it. Not with just a blotch of paint over it, but with a real restorative type of look to it because we’re color matching and we’re making sure that we’re not just adding to the blight by just putting another blotch of square paint on the wall,” Marciel said.

The San Jose Police Department’s website has information on how to download the app and also includes information on how to report graffiti by emailing it to police for the most immediate action.

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