SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — First it was Rick Perry of Texas, now Iowa’s Governor is coming.  Earlier this month Texas Governor Rick Perry traveled to California to bring business to his state. Now Governor Terry Branstad travels to the Golden State on Tuesday to tell companies here it will be less expensive to do business in the Hawkeye State.

The announcement came on Monday that the governor would be trying to convince California companies to set up shop here.

“You know California’s got a sign out that basically says: it’s like we used to say in the army, ‘If it doesn’t move, paint it.’ Their plan is: if it doesn’t move, tax it,” Branstad said at a news conference.

Tina Hoffman with the Iowa Economic Development Authority said in her state businesses don’t have to worry about unions.

“We’re a right to work state. The cost of doing business is very affordable here,” she said.

But those out-of-state governors and their arguments to poach businesses won’t get much traction here said Roberta Actenberg a workforce and economic development consultant to major corporations and non-profits.

“California will continue to be a magnet and they can plead and beg all they want. I don’t think it will have a discernable impact,” Actenberg said of the Iowa governor’s plans.

Branstad’s meetings are mainly in Southern California and his office would not release a list of the businesses he’s meeting with.

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