LAS VEGAS (CBS SF) – According to court documents obtained by a Las Vegas newspaper, the Oakland native who was gunned down during a deadly shooting and crash on the strip last week had a violent criminal past and lived a life of luxury earned through pimping.

Kenny Clutch, whose real name was Kenneth Cherry Jr. was shot to death while driving his Maserati on the Las Vegas Strip last Thursday. Two more people died after the car crashed into a taxi cab, causing it to explode.

Court documents paint a picture of a violent pimp and drug user who had a history of beating the mother of his child, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In the article, the mother of one of Cherry’s children recalls how he lured her into prostitution after he convinced her to move to Vegas following their 2008 meeting.

“I had faith and confidence in him and that he wanted a future with me. I did not know at the time that my future would consist of prostituting myself, getting beaten up by Ken on a regular basis, and being arrested and going to jail 27 times,” reported the Review-Journal.

The woman said she was eventually told she needed to deliver Cherry $1,500 a night, or face the consequences.

She eventually gave birth to a daughter, filed for a restraining order, and fought with cherry over custody of the child, according to records.

The persona runs counter to the “loyal and dependable” image of Cherry described by his family and former attorney.

Las Vegas Police Capt. Chris Jones told reporters Monday that Ammar Harris faces three murder charges as the suspected gunman in Thursday’s shooting. A manhunt was underway to locate Harris Monday.

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