SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) – A new poll shows that nearly two-thirds of Californians now approve of allowing same-sex marriage couples to marry.

A Field Poll released Thursday found that 61 percent of California voters approve of same-sex marriage, while 32 disapprove. Seven percent said they had no opinion.

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Only registered Republicans and religious and political conservatives now oppose it, said poll director Mark DiCamillo.

“As younger voters age, they bring with them their attitudes that they held as the younger person,” he said. “Younger voters are clearly more supportive of allowing same-sex couples to marry.”

The results are only a change of 2 percentage points from last year, but it’s the highest level of support for gay marriage ever measured by the poll.

In its most recent survey, the poll also found what it described as broad-based support of gay marriage, with the majority of most subgroups within the survey saying they were in favor of gay marriage: men and women, voters in all racial and ethnic groups, and Californians living in each of the major regions of the state.

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