San Francisco Firm Cooks Up Sustainable, Affordable Egg Alternative (page 2)

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(Photo Illustration by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

(Photo Illustration by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

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Hampton Creek Foods is already baking Beyond Eggs into cookies and mixing it into mayo. Their next mission is to recreate that taste and texture into dishes like scrambled eggs and even omelets.

Former Top Chef contestant Chris Jones is Hampton Creek’s Director of Culinary Innovation. On the day of our visit, he was seated close to the floor, working with a giant mixer to produce a batch of mayonnaise using Beyond Eggs.

“An egg is such a miraculous thing, and all the culinarians understand what it really does in a recipe,” Jones said with the mixer whirring beside him. “So working with vegetable products, all natural products, to try to make what an egg does is challenging.”

Jones was excited about the idea of blending the expertise of the chef with the skill of the scientist.

“We can make a difference,” he remarked. “We can do something special besides making wonderful food. Let’s take our knowledge and pour it into doing something for the first time.”

Tetrick said Hampton Creek is about three months away from getting Beyond Eggs into baked goods made by two top food companies that will replace the “farmed” egg in some products. We asked him what he would say to egg farmers who might find themselves out of work.

“Change happens,” he replied. “But when change happens, jobs are created. We’re really interested in the company in engaging with farmers.”

Unlike the egg, Beyond Eggs are cholesterol free. It’s likely you’ll be able to buy them in the grocery store within a month, and according to Tetrick, you’ll pay about 15% less than regular non-organic eggs.

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