SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Online game maker Zynga announced this week that Dan Porter is leaving. Porter was the former CEO of OMGPop, which Zynga bought out for a reported $210 million in 2012.

A recent article in Forbes Magazine argued that OMGPop’s popular game “Draw Something” had already peaked by the time Zynga acquired it. Whether or not that’s true, the game certainly lost steam. “Draw Something” is still around, and there will soon be a sequel, which Zynga hopes will revive its fortunes.

The bottom line is that the gaming industry can be very fickle. People get tired of old games when something new comes along.

There are other issues of course. The Wall Street Journal reported that Porter had some issues with other members of management.

San Francisco-based Zynga is now reported to be considering some online gaming options. According to All Things Digital, Zynga will launch casino-type games such as poker in the United Kingdom this week, where online gambling is legal.

Zynga faces challenges in creating products that need to be popular and endearing on a mobile platform. They tend to not be as complex as the games that are played on consoles, which mean players don’t become immersed in the same way. Oftentimes $2 to $3 per mobile game is also considered too expensive.

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