SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The San Francisco Giants open at home against the Cardinals Friday afternoon, but first they’ll celebrate their second World Series championship in three years.

“It’s not just the opening day,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “It’s the flag-raising ceremony. Then you have rings and the rings have to be better than the last time, and the parade has to be bigger than the last parade. It just goes on and on. But it’s not a bad on and on to be in. That’s a side of that deal you want to be on.”

The Giants haven’t announced who will throw out the first pitch, but it won’t be Madden. “There was a time that I would have,” Madden said. “If I were to do it, I would practice it. I would stretch my arm out and I would aim over the catcher’s head. I would not aim at the catcher because there’s no way I would throw it short. There’s no way I would throw a dirt ball. I’d let that sucker fly… If I don’t get it to the catcher, I’m going to get it over his head and I’ll get someone in the first row… If you’re going to do it, you have to throw the high hard one.”

John enters the NCAA Final Four weekend with all four teams in his bracket. He’s offered to sell one or two teams to his opponents, but hasn’t found a taker. “As Weeb Eubank said at a meeting years ago when he was the NFL coach for the Jets, he said ‘all I want is my fair advantage.’ That’s kind of my philosophy of life is all I want is my fair advantage. But in this I think I’ve earned my fair advantage by having all four of the teams in the Final Four.”  7:55

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