Contra Costa Meals On Wheels Facing Cuts, May Drop 200 Seniors

Sequestration will reduce that amount by $100,000, Kraintz said. “We’re pedaling as fast as we can to try to find new funding,” he said.

People who would like to donate to the program may mail a contribution to Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa, PO Box 3195, Martinez, CA 94553, or donate via the group’s website:

Kraintz said the program is important for both nutrition and social contact for frail seniors.

“For most of the seniors we serve, we are their only source of receiving a daily nutritious meal, and frequently, the volunteer is the only contact for many of our housebound elders,” he said.

“Our volunteers are really looking in on this person to make sure the person is OK,” he said.

Kraintz said the last-ditch option of dropping 200 seniors from the number served would solve only part of the funding problem.

For the moment, he said, the organization is relying on attrition of seniors in the program in order to reduce number of clients.

It is taking on new clients “only if their situation is absolutely desperate,” but is no longer signing up “people who would fare better with the meals but who would still get by if not added” to the list, he said.

But “how deep we have to cut depends on what the response is” to the new funding appeal, Kraintz said.

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