DENVER, Colo. (CBS Sports) — The Golden State Warriors left the Pepsi Center Tuesday night with a 3-2 advantage and a chip on their shoulder. They claimed the defense on Stephen Curry was “dirty” and that the Denver Nuggets put “hitmen” out to try and injure the star point guard.

Whether the contact Denver forced on Curry was legal or not, the one thing the Nuggets did for certain was attack Curry in the best way they have all series.

Finally, after a series where he has absolutely destroyed the Denver defense, the Nuggets made defensive adjustments that worked on Curry, putting more pressure off the pick and roll, keeping a man on him at all times, and forcing him into 15 points on 19 shots. Curry did have 8 assists and 2 turnovers, but the work can’t be denied.

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Specifically, the Nuggets got way further up in the pick and roll to challenge Curry immediately.

“I hope they understand that we can’t let the Warriors have open shots,” Nuggets coach George Karl said after the game.

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