STANFORD (CBS Sports) – Several Pac-12 coaches admitted they would prefer to see their league go to eight-game conference schedules (down from nine), but the reality is the league’s media contract won’t allow for it. In the face of that, with the upcoming College Football Playoff on the horizon, should all the conferences have the same scheduling standards?

Stanford’s David Shaw sure thinks so.

“I can’t speak for the NCAA about what they should try to suggest to all of us but to me, it makes sense,” he said Wednesday evening from the Pac-12 meetings in Arizona. “If we’re all pouring into a College Football Playoff, we should all have similar paths to get there. For me, you’re in a conference, play your conference. The strength of schedule [component] is tricky because who’s evaluating? Out of conference, we all challenge ourselves to some degree — as much or as little as we see fit.

“The fact is that the Big 12 is at nine. We’re at nine. The Big Ten is changing to go to nine. It just makes sense to me that if everyone is on the same level, let’s go toward this four-team playoff with excitement,” he continued.

Shaw also raised the issue of some conferences having league championship games and some (Big 12) not having them.

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