FRESNO (CBS SF) – Video of an apparent breakup at a Fresno Grizzlies game has crated some buzz on the internet, but the dramatic breakup may be little more than a stunt by team employees.

At a game on May 3, the “Kiss Cam” captured a man so engrossed in his phone conversation that he refused to kiss his companion when they showed up on the video board – not once, but three different times.

In the video, the Kiss Cam, a popular between-innings entertainment segment at baseball games across the country, shows the couple sitting together. However, the man is too interested in his phone call to kiss his date. He waves her off and the camera goes on to other fans.

The camera returns a second time, and again the man waves off his date.

Finally, the camera returns a third time and for a third time, the man waves off his date. This time, she has had enough. She stands up and dumps her drink all over his head and storms off, leaving him bewildered as to what just happened.

She can be seen walking off arm in arm with Parker, the Grizzlies mascot, as her date rushes after her.

The video had received more than a million views as of Thursday morning.

On their official Twitter feed, the Grizzlies say the video was not staged and is, in fact “shenanigan-free.”

However, the people of the internet are quick to point out that he quickly drops his phone right before the beverage splashes on to him.

“I work at the Fresno Grizzlies stadium (AKA Chukchansi Park) and yes, these are 2 employees. They do the skit a couple times a season and for some reason this particular one made it on the internet and went viral,” said a YouTube commenter identified as Aurora Gutierrez.

Real or fake, the video is worth a watch.

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