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Huey Lewis’ Heart Still Beats For Rock & Roll

- John Blackstone | CBS News

HueyLewis rehearsal 620x350 Huey Lewis Heart Still Beats For Rock & Roll

Where does the music come from? “I wish I knew,” Lewis said. “I think it comes from the muse, for lack of a better description. But the best ones are given to you. You and I can sit here and say we’re going to write a song, and we can write a song. But the best ones are gifts.”

He wrote “The Power of Love” for the 1985 movie, “Back to the Future.” The song became a number one hit, and was nominated for an Academy Award, Lewis was also given an unlikely cameo in the film.

The passage of time seems to have meant little to Huey Lewis and the News. Most of the original members are still in the band.

“It’s really a family operation,” Lewis said. “And people say, ‘Are you still friends?’ Well, you know, ‘friends,’ it’s way deeper than that. We’re like brothers, you know?”

What’s the secret of staying together so long? “We pay well,” Lewis laughed. “We work hard, but not too hard. And we create a nice atmosphere. It’s a great job.

“We’re very lucky – and we try to remember that.”

With the re-release of “Sports,” they’ll spend many weeks this year on the road, playing 80 concerts.

“You ever think, though, ‘I’ve worked enough, it’s time to kick back’?” Blackstone asked.

“Yeah, I do, I think about that,’ Lewis replied. “But, you know, the thing is, I love what I do.”

Thirty years later, Huey Lewis’ heart still beats for rock & roll.

Where To See “Huey Lewis and the News” In The Bay Area:

Robert Mondavi Winery – Oakville: July 12

Wente Vineyards Estate Winery – Livermore: July 16

Mountain Winery – Saratoga: July 27

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