SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A proposal by the chairman of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors would allow workers to request flexible working hours from their employers.

Supervisor David Chiu’s proposed measure would allow workers to ask their employers to adjust their start times, telecommute or job share.

“Would give employees the right to ask of their employers a more flexible working arraignment,” Chiu told KPIX 5. “You don’t really have a right that’s protected under any law. In fact, there are examples of retaliation and discrimination against parents that are trying to balance work-life balance. This affects parents up and down the economic spectrum.”

Employers would only be able to deny the request if it created an undue hardship for the company.

Kelly Dwyer, a contract compliance officer, has a three year old daughter. Her 9-5 schedule doesn’t leave much time for being a mom.

“An extra hour with my kid, just a couple times a week, I think would make a huge difference in my life,” said Dwyer.

Stephen Cornell owns Brownies Hardware and paints a different picture.

“Keeping positions open is a nightmare. In a business like this, we don’t have flex schedules. People know their days off a year in advance,” Cornell said.

San Francisco, home to the lowest percentage of children among any major U.S. city, is considered fairly kid unfriendly.

Chiu’s proposal comes as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has banned working from home, sparking a debate about telecommuting and other programs intended to balance work and home life.

Chiu introduced the proposal at the Supervisors meeting on Tuesday and get it before voters in November.

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