RICHMOND (KPIX 5) — Residents who live near a park in Richmond are upset about a convicted sex offender’s boat that has been shipwrecked for weeks. Authorities have issued a deadline to the owner to remove the vessel.

On the shores of Barbara and Jay Vincent Park, neighbors are complaining about the vessel that has been called an eyesore. The boat, known as the Phat Woody, is rusted, with peeling paint and a four foot-gash in the hull. The man who owns it is Donald Olsen, a convicted sex offender.

“That’s really scary. And it’s just right here where the kids play,” said Crystal Ferrari, a mother.

According to police, the issue started two months ago when Olsen was evicted for not paying rent at a nearby harbor. With nowhere to go, he dropped anchor in San Francisco Bay. The boat broke free in heavy winds and shipwrecked at Vincent Park.

Police arrested Olsen on June 4th for missing his annual sex offender registration, but he was later released. His whereabouts are unknown as of Thursday night. KPIX 5 tried to contact Olsen at his boat, but there was no response.

Since Olsen was convicted of a misdemeanor and completed probation, authorities said he is free to live and go anywhere, including the playground next to the boat.

Police told KPIX 5 that Olsen has the right to live on the Phat Woody, but strongly advised him against doing so.

Friends of Olsen said they have offered to patch up the boat.

Authorities have given Olsen a June 24th deadline to remove the vessel from the park. After that date, police said they will begin the process to tow away and destroy the boat.

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