CONCORD (KCBS)— Outdoor medical marijuana cultivation is no longer permitted in the city of Concord after complaints about growers. Their operations must now be moved indoors.

Concord Police Chief Guy Swanger said there was disturbance calls and “issues” surrounding the outdoor grows.

“It was going unchecked; it was around school grounds,” he said.

Swanger said indoor cultivation must be done in an occupied residence farther than 600-feet of a grade school. Growers are still limited to the number of plants they grew previously.

“What a person who was either a caregiver or a patient and what they’re entitled to possess under Proposition 215 will not change. They’re entitled to grow just as much indoors as they were previously outdoors, he said.

An administrative citation will be issued to any medical marijuana grower who fails to correct violations within a certain period of time. If cited the violator faces a fine of up to $500.

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