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Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of "MythBusters"(credit: CBS News/Gillette/Discovery Channel)

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of “MythBusters”(credit: CBS News/Gillette/Discovery Channel)

(CBS NEWS) – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have been at it for a decade. The co-hosts behind Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters” are celebrating the show’s 10th anniversary this year.

That adds up to a lot of experiments and investigations done here in the Bay Area. There was the cement truck explosion, riding a motorcycle on water and dropping a car from a helicopter. Say what? Is there anything these guys won’t try? Savage and Hyneman have certainly attempted a lot of experiments over the years, and when asked if they’d ever run out of “myths to bust,” Savage told CBSNews.com, “As long as people believe ridiculous things, we got a job.”

Hyneman, who described the last 10 years as both “tiring” and “really awesome,” added, “It’s not like what we’re very rigid about what defines a myth — it’s basically anything that we’re curious about that we want to play with to see what happens. Running out of material for ‘MythBusters’ is like saying, ‘We’ve done everything we could possibly do and we’re not curious or interested in anything.’ Let’s hope that never happens.”

It doesn’t hurt that they have a fan-base bursting with ideas to share.

“We get story suggestions from fans, from Twitter, from email — from other TV show hosts. From other TV shows, from movies, viral videos, scientific article abstracts,” said Savage. “Every time we come up with something that’s remotely interesting, we email it back and forth to each other and our team…Not all of them are full-blown episode ideas. But they may have a seed in them that might come up later.”

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