SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — BART riders were finding other ways to get to work on day two of the BART strike and most would like to see both sides back at the bargaining table.

Frustration summed up how Margie Sherborough felt wearing flats with her business dress – flush in the face – with a mile left to walk to work due to the BART strike.

“Come back to the table and work it out. There’s so many of us that aren’t involved that now are involved. Work it out, because I’ve got to come back every day this week and this is really hard for me,” said Sherborough.

Rosemary Prum pushed her bike as she boarded a ferry from the East Bay, a ride she would normally take on BART.

“It’s longer and slightly more expensive, but I support the workers,” Prum said.

Peggy, who did not give her last name, wasn’t as sympathetic towards the striking workers.

“This only complicates matter for other people who maybe don’t make as much money as someone who work on BART, who’s not subject to work overtime to make up for when times are short, who are on a fixed salary,” she said.

Car commuters lamented the traffic snarls, backups and standstills by using hash tags on social media like, #Bartocalypse and #Bartmageddon.

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