SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—I live in the southwestern section of San Francisco and last week, there was a heat wave—well sort of. Last Tuesday, temperatures reached 109 degrees in some areas around the bay while The City’s Ocean Beach reached a cool 69 degrees.

We had some good days last week but looking at a national weather map it appears that we were in the coldest spot in the continental United States. Some days were actually colder than Anchorage Alaska.

“Like 75 degrees, that’s too hot for me,” Caitlan Fernerstich, of Pacifica, said. “Sixty degrees is really nice.”

Anywhere else, Lynn Crone, owner of Salon 224 in Pacifica, would be having a miserable day but as it is, the hot air from the hanging hair driers feels quite nice.

“That’s why you got to get out and enjoy it,” she said about the nice weather. “Because the next day, who knows?”

And speaking of hot air, KPIX Meteorologist Lawerence Karnow tried to explain the hot-cold weather phenomena to me.

“That air starts to rise because as it gets hot and as the air rises it acts like a vacuum and sucks in all that cool, ocean air. Of course that makes a huge difference in temperatures,” he said, even though I still don’t really understand it.

All I know is that in my part of town is that when it gets hot like it did last week, kids—who aren’t used to the heat—get really hot.

“It’s 150 degrees,” six-year-old Santiago told me.

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