SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Pro Football Talk has placed the Oakland Raiders last among NFL teams in their pre-season poll.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “That doesn’t mean that because some guy or some guys or some people think that, that you have to be that.”

The former Raiders coach did admit that he took part in the rankings, although he didn’t pick the Raiders as the worst team in the NFL.

“I say it doesn’t mean anything, and I’m taking part in it and giving the results of it,” Madden said. “Sometimes stupid just follows stupid.”

In other NFL news, Patriots owner Robert Kraft told reporters he was ‘duped’ by former tight end Aaron Hernandez. The Patriots released Hernandez following his arrest last month on a murder charge. Madden said everyone in the league knew Hernandez had issues when they were looking at drafting him in 2010.

“This is one thing that’s never made a lot of sense to me, that the guy maybe would have been – if it weren’t for some of the issues he had – a first round pick,” Madden said. “But because of the issues, he dropped to a fourth round pick (by the Patriots.) There are teams that will still look at a guy that they know has issues as he goes down the board, thinking that at some point the value overcomes the risk. And there are some clubs that will take someone like that and just take them off the board like they’re not even in the draft.” (6:40)

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