CHP Steps Up To The Nationwide ‘I-80 Challenge’

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California Highway Patrol officer, CHP

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Is it possible to prevent a traffic fatality on the entire span of Interstate 80 for a week? That’s what the California Highway Patrol will attempt with the ‘I-80 Challenge’, which starts Wednesday and goes for a week, covering 11 states and 2,900 miles of road.

The California Highway Patrol, along with state patrols from coast to coast are stepping up for the challenge, but the question remains are drivers ready?

“So much vehicular travel on this roadway and the numbers of fatalities, injuries that occur each year are significant and many of those are avoidable,” Steers said.

CHP spokesman Elon Steers said there will be stepped-up enforcement of speeders, distracted and drunk drivers and those failing to buckle up.

Everyone, it seems, has a gripe.

“The trucks are horrible, when you’re driving up to Tahoe, it’s very dangerous,” said Janet Lautenberger of San Francisco.

Tom, a visiting businessman from Arizona, expressed his observations too.

“Number one: texting, big time. Number two: not paying attention. I mean I’m finding that people are doing everything but concentrating on what’s in front of them and driving too close,” he said.

The goal is zero fatalities over the next week. It’s no surprise that the Bay Area has some of the most dangerous stretch of I-80.

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