SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – There are cheers on both sides of the Bay, now that exhibition football games are underway and fans can again root on the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers in preseason action.

One thing that’s eliciting a less favorable response from football faithful: the cost of a preseason game ticket, which can easily climb into the triple digits.

“I asked probably about 30 people to take the tickets and nobody wanted to,” one fan described his futile attempts to sell tickets, at $130 each. He was stuck with them, as part of a season ticket holder package. “I think that’s extortion.”

Extortion or not, fellow fans weren’t biting.

“I wouldn’t be paying $1 for a preseason ticket,” was one man’s bottom line.

For many, preseason football is like a practice game; after the first couple of possessions, even the most ardent of fans have trouble identifying the players on the field.

“It’s the biggest rip off in the world,” one man described his opinion of preseason football.

And that, of course, isn’t taking parking and concession costs into account, making it all the more likely that fans will take a pass on the preseason.

Might things be different in the future–at least, for the 49ers? One fan thinks so.

“49ers are very smart to move down to Santa Clara,” pointed out one fan. “That’s where the money is and they’ll get that money down there.”

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