BOSTON, Mass. (CBS Sports) — All summer long, or at least ever since Wes Welker left for the Denver Broncos and Aaron Hernandez left for a cell block, people have pointed towards the obvious decline coming for San Mateo native Tom Brady and the New England Patriots offense.

Then Brady went 7/8 for 65 yards and a touchdown in limited Week 1 preseason action against the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s just the preseason, of course, and the Eagles might be bad on defense all season long, but it’s still a reminder not to write off Brady just because he lost weapons.

In fact, the quarterback said Monday in a radio interview that he feels “better now” than he did when he was 27-years-old.

“The biggest difference is I feel better now than I used to feel,” Brady said. “That’s the encouraging part is that I’ve found ways that I can prepare my body and prepare myself so I don’t go through that. I don’t buy into the fact that you just get older and you have to feel crappy for the rest of your life so I try to live my life and take what I’ve learned over the years and apply that to my every day living so that I can wake up in the morning and be excited about going to work.”

READ MORE of Brady’s thoughts from CBS Sports.

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