ATHERTON (KPIX 5) – Atherton taxpayers are on the hook for costs associated with President Barack Obama’s private fundraisers held at two homes in April after the city decided to drop its efforts to collect.

The President raised more than $3 million for the Democratic Party at the fundraisers held at the homes of Levi Strauss heri John Goldman and venture capitalist Mark Heising.

The city of Atherton estimated it cost $8,000 for extra police services and it sought to get someone to pay that bill.

“We sent invoices to the White House , to the Secret Service , to the DNC and the residents,” said City Manager George Rodericks.

Residents Goldman and Heising declined. “’No thanks’ was the response,” said City Attorney William Conners.

Atherton considered a placing a lien on Goldman’s and Heising’s properties, but at a public hearing Wednesday, city leaders caved in.

“We fell on the sword for that one,” conceded Rodericks.

It was determined the city was responsible for the costs, since no one told the party hosts they were responsible for the costs of extra police security, which is the law in Atherton.

“We can’t go after the federal government, “said Conners. “They have supremacy over us, they don’t have to pay us. But we can go after the resident. Say ‘you live here, you invited the people, you had the event, you owe us the extra amount.”

City leaders said they’ve learned their lesson. From now on, anyone who throws an event that requires extra police security , they will be warned they’ll have to pay up.

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