SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — A goalkeeper for the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team had a close call Tuesday when a military tank from a neighboring test track crashed a few feet away from him.

“(It was) a pretty crazy and loud experience,” said team president Dave Kaval.

The tank was on a test track at BAE Systems, located next door to the Earthquakes training facility on Coleman Avenue. According to witnesses, the Bradley fighting vehicle was rounding a corner on the track, when it lost control and broke through a concrete barrier.

“Pretty much like a loud bang,” Kaval said. He was on the practice field when the tank crashed about 10 feet away from goalie Jon Busch.

“Luckily there was a barricade and a fence in between. Luckily there was an awning so you couldn’t see through. I think if you could’ve seen it, it would have been more frightening,” Kaval said.

BAE Systems has been testing tanks at the facility for years. Following the crash, the team witnessed other tanks rounding the curve as they continued testing.

A BAE employee told the San Jose Mercury News the tank involved in the crash was not driving above the track’s speed limit.

“They said the different tank tracks that they had on the tank weren’t well suited for the speed,” Kaval said. “And so it went around the bend and just crashed straight into it.”

No one was injured in the crash. The tank did not appear to have any damage.

BAE told the Earthquakes it will look into changing the orientation of the track, in order to prevent future tank crashes.

While Busch said it was scary, Kaval said he will shake it off in time for Sunday’s match against Chivas USA.

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