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San Francisco’s Plastic Bag Ban Now Includes Restaurants

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Beginning Tuesday, that doggie bag at your favorite San Francisco eatery will cost you. As is already the case at grocery and retail stores in the city, plastic bags are now officially off the menu for leftovers and takeout at restaurants.

A ten-cent fee will now be charged for compostable bags.

“We do encourage restaurant-goers and folks that are shopping at retail stores to bring their own bags, first and foremost,” said Melanie Nutter, director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

“We will do spot checks to see how well compliance is going and we’ll continue to provide the resources and information that restaurants need to either find a compostable bag vendor or provide the outreach materials needed to help their customers,” she added.

According to Nutter, the plastic bag ban is part of a bigger strategy to reduce the amount of waste produced in San Francisco to zero by 2020.

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