SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— While many people search out ways to scare themselves on Halloween, your pet is less interested in feelings of horror. KCBS’ Jeff Bell talks with Dr. Jennifer Scarlett of the San Francisco SPCA about how pet owners can ease the troubles inherent with the holiday.

“Halloween is kind of a creepy holiday for pets. We need to make sure that we keep them inside and safe,” Scarlett said. “I you have a dog that already barks when someone comes to the door, then Halloween is a nightmare for them.”

Try to think about it from their perspective she said. You have all kinds of people invading the house— in costumes no-less.

“Keep your dog in another room if you want to have trick-or-treaters or maybe you can even sit out on the stoop (away from your dog) to keep them from knocking repeatedly.”

Finally, it’s a very terrible idea to take your dog out trick-or-treating with you. “Very few dogs would be able to tolerate this and not be incredibly stressed,” she said.

It’s fun to dress your pet up, but make sure they’re comfortable and that they don’t get too overheated. Keep all those candy wrappers away from your pets too.

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