SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – It was a memorable night in Boston for Red Sox fans, who were able to celebrate a World Series win at Fenway Park. But as John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew, that wasn’t the only memorable part of the night.

“You know what I did like? At the end of it, when Tim McCarver said his goodbyes with Joe Buck. Tim McCarver has kind of taken a little heat over the years,” Madden said. “And I never realized what was wrong with him. I thought he was good and I always liked Tim McCarver as an analyst. I thought at the end there, they did a tribute to him, and he and Joe Buck talked and I though it was really good.”

McCarver has long been criticized by many fans and fellow members of the media for his work as an analyst, with some saying he was the “master of the obvious.” But he also had plenty of fans, including Coach Madden.

“I learned something and it was something I never heard before. When you’re on for three hours, believe me, you’re live, and you’re going to say some things that are pretty good, you’re going to say some things that are average and you’re going to say some things that you wish you had back,” he said. “So what’s obvious to one may not be obvious to everyone (watching). And sometimes to set up what you’re going to say, you have to state the obvious.”

Madden said he texted the president of Fox on Wednesday night, and along with the emotional goodbye from McCarver, he said it was “Joe Buck’s finest moment.” McCarver has been working as a baseball analyst with Fox since 1996 and much of his time was spent in the booth with Buck, the network’s lead play-by-play man for baseball broadcasts.

McCarver has said he’ll spend a lot of time traveling and at his home in California, but said he will still remain in touch with the game he has played and broadcast for decades.

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