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Don’t Quit Your Day Job Dancers
May 21, 2017
The Kiss – June 2 and 3 in San Rafael

Compassion Without Borders Animal Welfare
April 6, 2017
Dog Shelter Info

Guide Dogs for the Blind
March 19, 2017

Home Depot Hiring 1,800 In SF
March 2, 2017

Van Ness Improvement Project – SFMTA
March 1, 2017

UC Berkeley Police Protester Photos
Feb. 17, 2017
UC Berkeley Protester Photos

InsectPalooza at Umpqua Bank
Feb. 11, 2017
InsectPalooza Family Science Day Feb. 25

Coffee Fundraiser for the ACLU
Feb 3, 2017

A Rotta Love Plus: Help Bring Stolen Oakland Dog Home from Minnesota
January 28, 2017

Earthquake Retrofitting For Homeowners
January 25, 2017

California Milk Consumers Entitled To Cash
January 16, 2017

San Francisco Aid For Animals
December 23, 2016

Caltrain Holiday Train
November 24, 2016

Discovery Challenge Academy
November 24, 2016

Pink Ribbon License Plates
October 15, 2016

MTC Congested Highways
October 3, 2016

National Voter Registration Day
September 25th, 2016

Online Voter Registration
Sept. 16, 2016

Follow Jazzlin Mejia
August 26, 2016

Public Survey: Community Input On Next San Francisco Police Chief
August 15, 2016

Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue
July 23, 2016
Adopt Tigger

Broadband Program for Low-Income Individuals
July 15, 2016
Internet Essentials

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
July 9, 2016
Adopt Mia

Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue
July 2, 2016

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
June 25, 2016
Adopt Dottie


One Comment

  1. Deborah Mills says:

    John Kessler was the only reason to watch KPIX in the morning. Like Sydnie and their interaction, but without John will have to find a different station, the blond was not that interesting doing the traffic, definitely not working for the news. What were you thinking?.

    Bring John back!

    1. The Donovans says:

      My wife and I have watched the CBS5 morning show for years, even recording it for later viewing when our lives changed such that we didn’t need to arise quite so early. Upon learning that John Kessler has been terminated, we have switched to another station and will watch CBS5 news no more. We think this smacks of ageism and, assuming that the station is targeting a younger demographic, believe it will lose what we think are the only remaining demographics that actually watch TV news — older people !

    2. Kathy says:

      I totally agree, John is a big reason to watch the morning news. He and Sydnie complimented each other.

      I will also be moving on. Too bad CBS

      1. Faye says:

        I agree!!! Bring John Back

    3. Kathy says:

      The blond does not know how to deliver news, she can barely get my attention with traffic.

      Bring John back!

    4. Sharon Wilson says:

      Please bring John Kessler back! I thought he was on vacation but realizing no one was saying anything about when he was coming back, I had to look it up!! We live in San Jose but love watching Channel 5 with John & Sydnie. I don’t know what happened, but we could have been informed that he was gone instead of just putting the Elizabeth (the traffic person) in his place for 3 weeks. She was ok but there are no two better news people in the morning than Sydnie & John. I will have to switch to another channel until he is brought back on air soon!! PLEASE!!

      1. J. A, Huffman says:

        I totally agree about the mysterious disappearance of Jack Kessler. Letting someone who has done the am news in the Bay Area for so long (including his previous gig at KRON) and so well go without comment is very rude to the people who are faithful followers of your news. I’ve gone elsewhere because Sydnie with the inept blond woman just is too irritating to put up with.

      2. Nine says:

        Why did John Kessler just disappear? His rye humor and bantering with Sydnie in the monrning was absolutely refreshing. You really found the definition of dumb blond in the traffic reporter. You have lost yet another viewer.

      3. Loretta says:

        We thought John was on vacation, but I guess not from all of these comments. We loved the banter between John & Sydnie. This was a huge mistake on CBS’s part. We will now shop around for another AM program. BRING JOHN BACK!!!!

    5. Tammy Rogers says:

      I can’t believe he’s gone! I don’t like the news now. Please bring John back, we like that he’s well… John. Tammy Rogers

    6. Margaret Dillon says:

      Did anyone look at CBS’s responses to these messages about loosing John? Talk about mechanical. I have no idea what caused CBS to release John but I too will tune into another station for all my news going forward. I like Sydnie but without John, the spark and fun in the morning is gone. It was the 1 element that made your morning news stand out. Let’s see what your “catch phrase” will be for my comment

    7. Gilda says:

      i no longer watch chanel 5 it just too boing without John Kessler…where is he?

    8. Gilda says:

      i no longer watch chanel 5 in the moring it’s just too boing without John Kessler…where is he? Bring him back you fools

  2. Mary Lou Froese says:

    The gas pipeline map for San Mateo County is not working! The link takes you to San Mateo County but also includes Sunnyvale, Fremont, and the Bay.

  3. Rick Allen says:

    Is the broadcast on channel 5 Cable in HD??? Sometimes it is shown in 9:16 format vs. 4:3 == Not sure of these format dimensions.

    Rick Allen

  4. CATHY says:

    Miss John Kessler,please bring him back.Cannot smile with out him!

    1. jim reagan says:

      he made me smile each day day with out him is a day with out sunshine

  5. Kathy H says:

    Yes, please bring back John Kessler. He’s the only reason I watch CBS5 in the morning. John & Sydney are the best team. They’re real people. Elizabeth can barely give a good traffic report let alone report the news. I’ll have to switch to another network if John doesn’t come back.

  6. cindy says:

    what happeed to John Kessler? why is he not on the morning news anymore?

    1. Lori says:

      Bring John Kessker bacj! Can’t even imagine watching the news without him and Sydnie together!!

  7. Pam Sheble says:

    Where is John Kessler… he was the best. What happened.

    Big mistake

    1. Ann says:

      Yeah, where did John Go? Bring him Back!

  8. Doreen says:

    Where is John Kessler?? Morning news won’t be the same–switching channels for that very reason.

    1. ThenAgain says:

      Bring John Kessler back !!!!!!

  9. Sharon says:

    Just so you know….John and Sidnie are not why your morning audience is shrinking. We tune in to hear the news with a bit of light banter. What do we get — your constant traffic, weather and ads.
    i wish yu the best without John and Sid, but channel 2 will be my cup of tea.
    You have wasted the best news talent, shame on you.

    1. Trish says:

      DITTO! I agree with Sharon. John is fabulous! BIG, BIG MISTAKE! You have lost a huge audience now that everyone realizes he is gone. You should seriously think about your decision.

  10. anne says:

    Where did John go so I can watch him on that channel.

    1. Diane Farrer says:

      Where is John Kessler – he was the reason I watched Channel 5 morning news.

      1. Ron says:

        John Kessler was the magic of the morning news, his childl like behavior and banter with his peers very entertaining.

    2. Al and Carrie Scott says:

      Amen we have changed channel as of today with John Gone

  11. Rachel Masur says:

    My husband and I loved to watch John and Sydnie in the mornings. It takes time to learn to anchor the news and they both did it seamlessly with funny banter.

    Please bring back John Kessler.

    I turned on cbs5 this morning and now Sydnie is gone. What is going on?

    Viewers should let cbs5 know that they want John and Sydnie on the news in the mornings.

    News Assignment Desk:
    News Director – Dan Rosenheim:
    Internet Director – Jim Parker:
    President/GM – Ron Longinotti:
    Engineering – Michael Englehaupt:
    Programming – Tom Spitz:
    Public Affairs – Rosemary Roach:
    Communications Director – Akilah Bolden Monifa:
    Sales – Nolan Snook:

    1. Tom & Jean says:

      We watched your channel to see John and Sydney in the mornings. I finally looked on line and notices they are gone. Guess I will switch channels. We sure miss them.

  12. Robin says:

    So whats up with John Kessler? He was the only reason I tuned in to watch the cbs early news……

  13. Mary D says:

    John is gone???? FYI so are we. You lost a great TV morning anchor, and now you’re losing TV watchers, and listeners.

  14. Anne G says:

    John is gone!!! Me too!!!

  15. V Spencer says:

    John Kessler is a great newscaster. Without him, there’s no reason to watch channel 5. Enough of the bantering between the younger people on that time slot. Sydnie and John made a great pair. What a mistake Channel 5!

  16. Lynette says:

    My 6th time trying to post here. no time for the e-games. I am leaving after numerous years because there is no longer Kessler and Kohara. He spoke what we all said in our bedrooms at home! Your advertisers will know. There are more of us who feel like Kessler then who he offended.

  17. Lisa P. says:

    What happened to John Kessler? DId he push the wrong buttons of an executive producer? I followed him to CBS from KRON when he came back to California years ago. Not the same without him. May have to switch stations. He has a real sense of humor!

  18. Connie says:

    Finally the mystery of no John Kessler. I had hoped he was on vacation. Like so many of the others, he is the reason I watch CBS5 in the morning. It has been a vapid experience recently and I will be tuning in another show since I know that you are changing staff. Unfortunately, your choice is not my cup of tea.

  19. Kathy says:

    So disappointed in your station. Why would you not say anything to explain what happened.

    Will not watch your news in the morning any longer.

    You owe your viewer an explanation.

    Kathy K.

  20. DOREEN CORTES says:


  21. Heather Ovenden says:

    Another viewer is jumping ship, me. Love Sydnie, hate Elizabeth, no words for how much John Kessler meant to my day.

  22. Diane says:

    Had to look on line to see what has happened to John. Loved him and Sydnie together, get him back or we will be gone, too!

  23. Debbe says:

    you have got to be kidding…..where in the world is John Kessler?????
    big mistake……I was hoping he would show up on the noon news…..
    Nice way to treat a great morning anchor……Sydnie must be SICK…..
    No need to turn on channel 5…..

  24. Roz says:

    Can’t believe John Kessler is no longer on the morning news! We love John and have followed him wherever he happens to be. Looks like we’ll be leaving CBS morning news too. What a shame!

  25. Deb says:

    OH MY GOSH!! I can’t believe what I am reading this morning. I thought maybe John Kessler was on vacation and so I came online to find out when he is due back. CBS5, I sure hope you haven’t terminated him! As you can see from all the comments, it would be a mistake. The camaraderie between John and Sydnie Kohara made waking up in the morning enjoyable, and I’m not a morning person. At one time, I thought you would never get another couple to beat the way that Ken Bastida and Roberta Gonzales got along in the morning. You see, I have been a devoted watcher for MANY years. While I like Juliette and Elizabeth, I’m sorry but they are not another Barbara Rogers and I truly don’t find them exciting. Please consider the saying: “If it isn’t broken, then don’t try to fix it!” Your “Early Edition” was doing great and did not need fixing! 😦

  26. Kathy says:

    BIG mistake Channel 5. I’m another viewer who will be finding another Channel to watch in the morning. Elizabeth is cute and young – probably the reason you replaced John with her – but she’s SO young she can’t relate to (or even understand) half of the news she’s trying to report. As another person said, it’s the older viewers who watch the morning news. The younger people are too busy texting their friends. I wish John well – he’s a great reporter.

  27. DIANE says:


  28. frank krumenaker says:

    Studio execs…you are next….!!!!
    John & Sydnie were our family

  29. Jan Martensen says:

    Where are John & Sydney? Big mistake. Big, big mistake. Please rethink.

  30. momo says:

    Ditto the above. I miss John and Sydnie’s banter. I too will have to find a new station

  31. Vicki Tuialuuluu says:

    Where is John? I know Sydney is on vacation, so you say! The morning news is not the same. Bring John back or tell us where he is.
    The news is not the same with out John and Sydney. I’m going to another channel for the morning news.
    Ditto for all the comments listed above!

  32. Tim says:

    Get up in the morning read the paper, watch John and Sydnie. At least I still have the paper. It won’t be the same without John. I’ll be switching channels

  33. Pam says:

    I can’t believe John is gone! I will also being watching another station for my news!

  34. RWilliams says:

    What happened to John Kessler? The viewers deserve to know, he is missed and this is the only reason I viewed your station. thank you

  35. Gidget says:

    Where’s John Kessler? He’s the reason I tune in early!

  36. Lori says:

    Where is John Kessler? John and Siydnie are great together, I make my husband change from CNN to watch them!!

  37. Mimi says:

    I am sad that John Kessler is gone. I am as shocked as everyone else seems to be. At first I thought he was gone on vacation, but as nobody ever mentioned him, it became clear that he was JUST GONE, DISAPPEARED.

    I’ve been watching this station for years, but now that the Sydney/John dynamic is gone, it’s not interesting to watch. I like Tracy Humphrey well enough, but Elizabeth is dull, dull, dull.

    I didn’t like when the presentation changed to sitting on couches, but I tolerated it. Now that John Kessler is gone, it just seems like a bunch girls sitting around a table having a boring conversation about the weather and parking tickets.

    John was the person who brought the big issues back to a local level. And he was funny! Please bring him back.

  38. Diane H says:

    John Kessler rocks, KPIX management sucks. BYE BYE!

  39. Ron says:

    Wow, what a mistake. Take something that was successful and through it out the window.
    This should get into the executives bonus and maybe even cost them their jobs with the view ship dropping like this.

  40. Judy says:

    What is wrong with your program management? You had an intelligent, thinking anchor team presenting an enjoyable news program and ruined it! First you put adults on a set with dorm furniture – cheap & ridiculous looking. Now you have eliminated the last reason for watching this news program – John Kessler.

    Your best move would have been to get rid of the management team that put this scheme together. Searching for intelligence on the morning news – let me know if anyone finds it out there.

  41. Danny says:

    Have to agree with all the above. The only reason for switching to KPIX morning news, to begin with, was because they brought Mr. Kessler in. He was made better by Sydney and visa verse. I’ve already started looking for an alternative morning news now that John is gone. Hopefully John will land somewhere else local and can catch him there. KPIX’s loss someone else’s gain.

  42. Ann Kelly says:

    What a mistake you all made. If John Kessler was let go or whatever…I will be changing my morning local channel. After he left KRON with Daria (good match) I was elated to see him back on local morning news. I will be watching another local news program and hope he is there.

    You’ve lost me…get the point?

  43. Lenore says:

    I got on line to find out what happen to John Kessler and now Sydnie……. I have stayed with cbs 5 in the morning because of the comfortable and good nature banter between those two. They made it bearable to be up so darn early and watch what was happening in my community and the world.. I think I’ll sleep in a little longer now and get my news from KQED in the afternoon.

  44. Larry Coler says:

    Nice validation of John Kessler’s value to your morning news crew. Too bad you will lose so many viewers before bringing John back. Hope you let the knuckle-head who made that call stand in the unemployment line.

  45. chris says:

    Miss, miss John Kessler. How could this happen. Miss his humor. Hope he goes to another station soon. Ready to switch.

  46. Mary says:

    Bring John back! He and Sydney were great! Age is timeless and the other stations are filled with boring, nasty, and uninteresting people. You will loose lots of viewers. What were you thinking about?????

  47. Dan says:

    We miss John Kessler. He was the reason we watched CBS5 morning news. His humor and style made our morning. We’ll be looking for another station. Also, what a terrible way to handle the situation, not a single mention of his departure on the show. Didn’t know if he was on vacation, dealing with family matters, or was terminated.

  48. Terrie says:

    It’s a travesty that with all the years that John had worked on this station, being an experienced broadcaster, that he would just disappear. This action says a lot about how the management of this station treats their customers, the audience, as well as their employees. I will now watch another station for our morning news since it is John and Syndie that got my day started on the right foot.

  49. Philly says:

    What were you thinking ??? Obviously, you weren’t !!!
    You broke up the BEST morning news team – John & Sydney are GREAT together !!!! I too will be switching stations – unless you get smart.

  50. Jill says:

    No reason to watch channel 5 in the early morning anymore. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing John Kessler every morning. Bye bye channel 5.

  51. Kathy says:

    what were you thinking?! No John Kessler?! He and Sydnie made a great team. You need to re-think the young folks you have on the show in the morning. Unprofessional and inexperienced. I’m done with channel 5 news.

  52. Deborah says:

    No matter what…If it ain’t broke why keep trying to fix it. John Kessler started my mornings with a smile. Please, bring him back.

  53. Rich C says:

    Wow kpix is no longer my pick.We need John back

  54. Shelley says:

    What the Problem ? its definitely not John and sidney, you’ve lost another north coast watcher, stupid people.

  55. CMV says:

    I started to watch CBC 5 when John Kessler moved from KRON 4.
    If he is gone, so am I.

  56. Former Listener says:

    I can’t believe you are not renewing the contract for John Kessler. And now Kohara will be gone too? They were the only reason I chose to watch channel 5 in the mornings over the other stations. Now my choice is the either the blond anorexic traffic girl or one of the weekend stand-ins? No thanks. I’ll just flip to another station. Nice job channel 5.

  57. Denise says:

    And how is breaking up a Multiple Award Winning Team a good business decision???

    I can’t believe that you didn’t have enough respect to not only your viewers but to all the Years of John & Sydney”s dedication to at least give a professional farewell.

    It became obvious that you let John go when Sydney said “I Miss My Buddy”. ;^(

    You have LOST two more very long time viewers with your poor business decision.

    Best Wishes to John we will be looking for you.

    Best of Luck Sydney!

    Thank You Tracy for your accurate weather reports I will miss that too.

  58. Jane says:

    Admit you made a mistake and bring John Kessler back.

  59. Ken says:

    Big Big Big mistake Letting John go.
    I guess I will go back to watching Sports Center Over & Over again in the mornings.
    People will do anything to save a buck these days.

  60. janet brooke says:

    …I was still wondering where the fabulous Anna Duckworth went….I assumed John Kessler was on vacation…seeriously, what happeed?

  61. LDT says:

    Remember when CBS had the ads about John Kessler being back??? How about the courtesy of letting us know why he’s gone?? All of the comments above are corerct – John was hilarious to listen to in the mornings and the reason to watch CBS5 – you knew that when you advertised him coming back after leaving KRON 4. You owe your loyal viewers an explanation.

  62. WGH says:

    Just another lisner who misses John Kessler. Please bring him back!

  63. Jan - Petaluma, CA says:

    John Kessler, gone?? The morning news will not be the same. Of course,
    I will be watching the news on another station – Good Bye, CBS5. Maybe
    CBS Morning News with Harry Smith should start expecting lower viewer numbers. They will not be getting the continued viewing audience with John gone. John and Sydnie were a great team. They gave news a creditability that otherwise doesn’t exist. They were not the typical “Ken and Barbie doll” news commentators reading lines and disconnected from reality. I wonder what the CBS5 sponsors think!

  64. Tom - Martinez says:

    We are long time viewers of CBS. The Kessler and Kohara team really provided a great start to our day. Johns personality really makes the show. I hope CBS can bring this team back together before we start looking around for another news team that had some zest!!!!

  65. Jamie says:

    I will be channel surfing untill I find where John went. I hope Sydnie will join him.

  66. Eric says:

    Your information about John Kessler is missing; will your news reporting follow?

  67. Erik says:

    I miss the Sydnie /John team; what happened?

  68. jean says:

    i can’t believe john kessler was terminated. i thought maybe he was on vacation but it’s been so long since i’ve seen him. sydnie and john had great chemistry together, looks like i have to change to channel 2, just not the same in the mornings on cbs5! bad mistake according to alot of these comments

  69. Tracy says:

    So sad that John Kessler is gone. Poor decision making is costing you big numbers. I began watching CBS5 because of John but will no longer tune in.

  70. Tom says:

    I am another longtime faithful watcher who is shocked and dismayed at what has happened. I programmed my bedroom remote to automatically turn to channel 5…to watch John and Sydnie in the morning.

    CBS5, you blew it. Time to change the remote to channel 2.

  71. BCL says:

    I was out of the country for two weeks and I come back to no John K? Thanks–way to ruin a good vacation buzz! My husband and I also switched to KPIX when we found John had moved to your station. I hope he lands safely on another station and so will we.

  72. Leslie says:

    My husband and I followed John Kessler from Kron to Kpix. In a world filled with bad news, he always had a way of adding a little humor and brightening the morning. We will now be looking for a new channel in which to watch our Morning News, which, is the only time we watch the “News”. How are your ratings and the bottom dollar now? Bad Move, really Bad Move!

  73. JOYCE says:


  74. julie says:

    What happened? John Kessler was the reason to watch the news in the morning? I’ll have to go elsewhere to get my news.

  75. Lesa F. says:

    I began watching CBS news because of John and Sidney, the two together were so funny and made the morining very entertaining, and a little less of not wanting to get the day started. You could have at least informed your faithful viewers because I’ve been waiting for him to come back off vacation, but have realized that he’s not coming back. Don’t know what happened, but I don’t like the replacements… Bring John back with Sidney, or tell us where he went so we can follow.

  76. hjerterkonge says:

    Agree with all of the above. The current replacement for John Kessler, Juliette Goodrich, may be good looking in a very sterile, fake plastic blonde American way, but she has no life and is an insult to those of us who enjoyed the morning news on CBS 5.
    Will be switching to another channel for morning news.
    What happened to asking your viewers’ opinion before making such an unpopular move?

  77. Tim&Eileen says:

    Bring John BACK

  78. Carole says:

    I am terribly disappointed in Channel 5 for not informing us that John is gone. My first thought was that he was possibly ill. The magic between John and Sydnie cannot be substituted. Morning news is tough because we are barely awake and John and Sydnie allowed us to learn the news without feeling down when we walked out the door. I will start evaluating other channels as well.

  79. Jackie says:

    I hope you are listening to what your viewers want. I will be currently watching another station after many years of loyalty. BRING BACK JOHN KESSLER.

  80. Van says:

    Count me as one of the slower ones on this. I, too, thought John was on an extended vacation until it occurred to me to check it out on this site this morning. Like so many others, what made this morning news show different and refreshing for me was the way John and Sydnie interacted. I wish him well, but I’m looking for a new morning news station.

  81. linda simi says:

    I wondered what had happened to John Kessler so I decided to search for some information this morning.

    Well, I join the voices above who will be changing channels this morning. Without John, Sydnie isn’t the same. The girls looks (and sound) like an episode of the view. We need John back. I belive this is a corporate decision and writing will probably do no good.

    Miss you John, and hope you are enjoying life, & hope to see you on TV soon.

  82. Debbie Stanhope says:

    What are you thinking? Quite obvious you AREN’T. My whole neighbor is mad Bring John back. I know I will change channels

    We too miss you John. My husband all ready stopped watching. He’s started going to work earlier… Debbie from Napa

  83. mar says:

    We have been wondering where John was. Checked Internet this morning. WOW. John and Sydnie were the only reason to watch the morning news on CBS, they were great. We too will be switching channels. Well, guess we already did, could not stand Elizbeth doing the news, she is horrible, and really missed Sydnie when se was not on.. Like Sydnie but don’t like your lline up with her. Bring John back (we have been early morning news people for a very long time) no longer! Where did John go so we can tune to that channel?

    1. kathy says:

      CBS your news is boring without John Kessler, I enjoyed John & Sydney, they were part of my morning routine. I’ll have to go back to Channel 4.
      San Jose

  84. Lyla P. says:

    Wow, no respect for your audience, especially when you enjoyed high ratings with John and Sydnie! Just tell us where John Kessler went so we can continue to follow him.

    While I’m waiting for SOME kind of response from your network, I’ll continue to channel surf during my morning news hours.

  85. puna says:

    We used to watch the Channel 2 news, then one day we caught John Kessler. After that we watched John and Sydnie religiously.

    John made watching the news entertaining while still being informative.

    Tracy is fun , Elizabeth is painful, and Sydnie is too bland (although she was perfect with John).

    Hopefully John will return to a local station where we can tune in, meanwhile, we’ll return to Channel 2 or check out Channel 4.

  86. Linda says:

    Sorry we now watch Channel 2 news in the morning, Where is John Kessler???? Please bring him back…..and let us know…..the mornings are not the same….We waited every day for weeks to hear if he was on vacation or what happened to him…now reading these comments I am aware he is gone and you have no explanation!

  87. Vic Malindon says:

    It’s a bad decision to let go John Kessler . I like the way he delivers the news. With John Kessler as anchor for the morning, I’m not as stress listening to the news. I will switch station until you return the ” JOHN AND SYDNIE ” tandem .

  88. Kathy M. says:

    Where is John? There wasn’t a mention. Had to go on line to find out. will be watching 7 or 11 now. John I hope u are reading the comments. We want u back.

  89. Ellen says:

    John Kessler made channel 5 news. Now you just have another news show. Boring. Sydnie and the new blonde are boring together. The new blonde is boring to listen too and there is no personality between them. John and Sydney are the reason I watched your news station. Channel 2 is in my forecast..Whoever fired John should fire themselfs.

  90. kenny says:

    what a big mistake john hell of a guy new him as a friend my kids went to school with his kids we would go fishing ,golfing and games together if you new him like i did you would of loved it more well guess i need to call him to see what happend

  91. kenny says:

    you guys suck not letting us know what happend . i watched him on channel 4 for years when he moved i moved well here we go again he was great with susan black on 4 to. well talk soon john and we will go hunting again to .

  92. kenny says:

    your better then that john i always told you that you need new york since your from there abc news , you need to work with harry. i will call you to see if you want to hunt or fish maybe game of golf tell kevin and drew hi for me miss your kids.take care john and thanks for all the games you took me to

  93. KENNY, ANTIOCH says:


  94. CLARE says:


  95. Lance says:

    I was wondering where John was…I thought I would check your website and found out the hard way. Why didn’t your station advise the public? I watched your morning station for not only the news but the teasing and fun involved with John and Sydnie. I will be switching to NBC for my morning news and cup of Joe. Bring John back and your ratings will return as well!

  96. Carol says:

    Goodbye, so long…I am shocked and crushed to learn that John Kessler is gone. Like the others, I thought that maybe he was on vacation or something. This is too much. You have wrecked my early mornings, and taken away a smart,good-humored, not to mention good-looking, quality news person. The Rockettes just don’t cut it. Goodbye for ever, or until you BRING HIM BACK!

  97. Connie says:

    Like so many others, my mornings are not the same. I woke up one morning and John was gone. I have been wondering where he went. I wll have to find another am news station. SAD. Bring John back please.

  98. joan says:

    television is for entertainment folks, not just the news and traffic. You really dropped the ball when you dropped John Kessler. I will keep looking for him elsewhere.

  99. Alisa says:

    Your morning news show sucks – all those ditzy women! I can’t believe Sydnie is staying on. John and Sydnie were a great combo, and not only had a lot of fun, but brought a lot of fun to the morning news. You people are idiots. Look how many viewers you’ve lost. Only imagine how many more you’ve lost that you haven’t even heard from. Oops, just lost another one.

  100. Lola says:

    We moved north of SF 6 years ago, installed a special antenna so that we could watch KPIX. Without John we’ve switched to Sacramento News, we loved John & Sydney every morning, thier sense of humor, thier delivery of the new’s and the chemistry they had is hard to find. We won’t give up on John, we’ll find him somewhere else & point that antenna in his direction.

  101. Elvie says:

    We are up by 5 am in the morning everyday and the first thing we do is turn on the channel 5 news. We’ve been watching Channel 5 news for so many years so we thought John was on vacation. Just found out by reading all these comments. It makes me sad that he’s gone. my husband & I love watching John & Sydnie. He makes us laugh. Please bring John back. Sydnie is not the same w/o John. It’s nice to have a man with all these ladies.

  102. Yadira says:

    Where is John Kessler? I loved watching him and Sidney every morning. John’s unique and great laugh made me laugh. He was the main reason I watched Channel 5 every morning. Please bring John back.

  103. Mikki Moniz says:

    I noticed that John has been missing for a while now, but I thought he was taking a sabbtical or was ill. Then I read someone’s comment that he’s been terminate!. Breaking up Kessler and Kohara is like breaking up Abbott and Costello. Don’t care for the woman newscaster who has replaced John. Now that I know that John isn’t coming back, guess I’ll swtich tgo another station.

  104. S-VAIL says:


Comments are closed.

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