OAKLAND (KCBS)— The arrest of a 13-year-old boy for the carjacking of a 78-year-old man in Downtown Oakland on Friday is prompting warnings, as the police department has noticed an increase in these types of incidents.

The carjacking happened late Friday morning on 9th and Alice Street, according to police.

“The suspect approached the driver and demanded that he give his vehicle to him. He simulated as if he had a weapon,” said Johnna Watson with the Oakland Police Department.

The driver handed over his 2000 Honda Accord. The suspect was then pursued by police to the 2900 block of West Oakland when he flipped the car, hit two cars and took out a tree.

Watson said Friday’s arrest left many shaking their heads.

“It’s a very young age to be involved in such a dangerous crime or any crime whatsoever,” she said.

The Oakland Police Department is working with the Berkeley Police Department and other neighboring agencies to determine if they are seeing similar patterns and trends regarding robberies and carjackings.

Christopher Holt said the 13-year-old yelled and screamed profanities at police as he got out of the flipped car.

“I think right now it’s just a reflection of what’s going on in this area, in this part of Oakland, West Oakland. Look at all the blight and all the buildings here. It’s just attracting the wrong crowd,” he said.

Police are looking into whether the teen acted alone or is part of a larger group.

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