By Christin Ayers

CONCORD (KPIX 5) — What a Concord family grieving the loss of their daughter wanted this Christmas was the gnomes stolen from their front yard returned. In what they are calling a miracle, the statues with a very special meaning were returned on Christmas Eve.

As the holiday approached, many flocked to see the Concord home that the man known as “Mr. Christmas” lights up every year. Across the street, at a home with no lights, a Christmas wish was fulfilled.

“I call it a miracle,” Frank Rossini said.

The miracle he is talking about is the only decorations on his lawn, a couple of ceramic gnomes that mean the world to him and his wife Janet.

Their daughter Carolyn made the gnomes when she was four-years-old. Carolyn died in a motorcycle accident two years ago, and the Rossini’s put the gnomes on their lawn as a tribute. Shortly after Halloween, a Grinch made off with them.

“I really didn’t think they would come back,” Frank Rossini said.

Still, he put up a sign asking the thief to return them. On Christmas Eve morning, they were back on the front lawn. “There sat the gnomes and I just couldn’t believe it. I know miracles happen but it was happening to me,” Frank Rossini said.

“I would just like to say thank you to whoever brought them back, because they mean so much to us,” said Janet Rossini.

The Rossini’s brought the gnomes indoors and gave them a new home, next to their fireplace. Outside, they replaced their old sign. “Our faith in humanity is restored,” the sign said.

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