By Larry Magid

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Google Glass isn’t commercially available yet, but the seemingly futuristic glasses could be fitted with prescription lenses when they do hit the streets for commercial release in 2014.

Rochester Optical, based in New York State announced the cost of fitting the wearable computer with prescription lenses for $99 according to Slash Gear.

Currently — at least for the few who have been invited to apply to wear them before their release — Google Glass has been fitted with clear glass lenses and there’s a micro computer monitor above one of your eyes.

If you do wear prescription lenses it would be an inconvenience, to say the least, to use the product still in its experimental phase.

Google has said they’ll offer their own prescription service, which I think is a good marketing strategy especially if they want to tap into the over 40 demographic.

Sunglasses might not be a bad idea either, but the real question is: Do we really need the internet in front of our faces 24/7?

Time will tell, though. A lot of people didn’t think the PC or smartphones wouldn’t take off and look where we are today.

I’m kind of mixed on it myself. I do see the advantages of having it with you all the time, but I’m not really sure that’s what I want literally in my face.

The current not-for-retail price for the chosen ones is $1,500, but when they hit the masses they should be significantly cheaper.

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