SAN DIEGO (KCBS) – As wearable technology becomes more and more prevalent with consumers, at least one Southern California company is already using the technology in the office and beyond.

Sullivan Solar Power, headquartered in San Diego, has started equipping some employees with Google Glass, which allows technicians to film rooftops and make video calls.

Michael Chagala, Director of Information Technology for Sullivan Solar Power, said they have also developed their own app for Glass so that employees can pull up customer information, hands-free.

“They are near some pretty high-voltage systems,” Chagala said. “And having two free hands is significant.”

Sullivan Solar Power received the prototype device, the Explorer edition, last year and has plans to use it for training, solar system design and other purposes.

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid said it’s just one example of the newly imagined uses for wearable technology.

“On top of that, we’ve got Apple likely to introduce some kind of a smart watch, or other wearable device,” Magid said. “That’s another big company with big resources and great marketing coming up with what we hope will be a breakthrough product.”

Google is expected to start selling Google Glass to the general public later this year.

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