SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas officially opens Tuesday, but my sneak peak has shown me some innovations in televisions and wearable fitness tech will be two of the top trends.

Just about everyone is showing an ultra-high definition television this year. You can expect the resolutions to be four times that of the TV sets currently in our homes.

While these are crystal clear, the issue is content. I saw HDNet’s Mark Cuban say that he’s working on content and Netflix has said the same thing.

The sets that really got my attention were Samsung’s curved and bendable TVs. The bendable is amazing; you walk up to it and it’s like a flat-screen TV. You pick up the remote control and you push a button and it bends it 20 degrees or less. Basically you can adjust it so you can customize to your viewing satisfaction.

I have no idea what these are going to cost yet (they haven’t even put a price tag on them). The curved is 105 inches, while the bendable is 85 inches and they’ll probably be way beyond the price range of most of the people I know.

I don’t know how much of a difference consumers will notice in the screen quality or picture image if they already have fairly new HDTVs. I have one that’s five-years old and I have no intention of replacing it in order to save my money.

As mentioned, the other big trend was wearable-fitness technology. LG announced two products that fit into this category including a Lifeband Touch, which measures motion and heart rate, but also earphones that can measure heart rate as well. It seems like an obvious development since after all, there is a pulse in your ears.

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