SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The Seahawks had no problem with the New Orleans Saints during the regular season, winning 34-7 in Seattle.John Madden said he expects a closer game in Saturday’s NFC playoff match-up.

“(The Saints) are a well coached team and they’re a smart group,” John said. “It’s going to be a physical game, and that’s where Seattle gets you. If you’re going to beat Seattle, you have to be as physical or more physical than they are… That’s what I think New Orleans has to do. Now you ask me, do you think can they do it? I’m not sure they can because they’re not built that way.”

Madden said he likes the Patriots in their home game against the Colts Saturday, but expects it to be close.

“New England isn’t the same team that we remember all those years. Bill Belichick is still their coach and Tom Brady is still there quarterbacking. But they don’t have all the parts that they used to have, so they are beatable… (Colts quarterback) Andrew Luck can get in a shootout and win it. He’s had so many fourth quarter comebacks and he proved it last week… I’m making a case for the Colts, but I really think the Patriots are going to win it.” (7:25)

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