As the Bay Area economy continues its upward swing from last year, industries such as high-tech and health will see robust gains this year. But demand for teaching positions is also expected to be strong over the next several years. With an expected four percent increase in student enrollment and an estimated 100,000 teachers expected to retire over the next decade in California, Loretta Kane Ph.D. a leading Bay Area expert in the field, affirms the need for more talented educators.

(Photo Courtesy of Loretta Kane Ph.D.)

(Photo Courtesy of Loretta Kane Ph.D.)

What is your current position and area of expertise?

“I am the Coordinator of the Degree and Certificate Programs in Education at Berkeley City College. I also teach Introduction to the Field of Education at Berkeley City College in which we look at various theories of learning and then look at social factors such as race, gender and socioeconomic status that can impede students’ ability to learn and what we can do to help these students. This class is helpful for anyone who is interested in exploring a career in education.”

“My areas of expertise are cognition and literacy and teacher preparation.”

What advice can you provide graduating students or new seekers in a career in education?

“Don’t believe any negative stories you hear about public education. There is nothing more meaningful and inspiring than being a teacher, watching the light go off behind your students’ eyes when they have an “Ah Ha!” moment and knowing that you have made a difference in a student’s life.”

“Don’t worry about finding a job. If you completed college, find a good credential program. If you are in college, complete your B.A. and then apply to a credential program. If you plan to go to a community college, check out the AA-T (Associates Degree with transfer credits) in elementary education we offer at Berkeley City College, or try taking the Introduction to the Field of Education course I teach at Berkeley City College. It will help you decide if teaching is right for you.”

Randy Yagi is a freelance writer covering all things San Francisco. In 2012, he was awarded a Media Fellowship from Stanford University. His work can be found on


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