49ers Fan With Tickets To NFC Championship Pranked By Seattle Radio Station

SEATTLE (CBS SF) – The back-and-forth taking place between fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks makes for a ripe environment for pranking as one Seattle radio station proved.

Jubal, morning host of Seattle radio station MOViN 92.5, scored a touchdown with an interview with a 49ers fan with ticke ts to the NFC Championship game.

Jubal, who regularly pranks people on air, posed as an employee of the Seahawks ticket office and called a 49ers fan named Courtney to tell her the team was canceling her tickets and refunding her money because of her team affiliation.

As expected, Courtney was having none of it, erupting with a string of choice words for the fake Seahawks employee. Jubal then said she would only be allowed in if she wore a Seahawks jersey. Courtney then vividly described what Colin Kaepernick would do to the Seahawks and what she would do should she ever find the caller.


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