Now there’s a study that confirms what people who live in San Francisco already know: it’s really cozy here.

In fact, The City ranked among the top ten coziest cities in the country.

San Francisco made the number 2 spot. The only city that tops San Francisco on the list is Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘cozy’ as small, comfortable, warm, friendly and pleasant.

The study, commissioned by Honeywell Heaters and Environmental Health & Engineering went even further. They considered a city’s accessibility to parks, restaurants, coffee shops and historical ambiance.

See what other cities made the list:

It should be noted that researchers considered the usage of fireplaces and portable heaters (after all, that is what Honeywell does). Perhaps San Francisco’s Spare the Air days cost the city the number one spot.

So, the next time you’re in San Francisco and a warm and fuzzy feeling washes over you, you’re not imagining things.  It’s real. You’re in San Francisco …and it’s really cozy here.


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