by Brandon Mercer

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The Bay Area ranks nearly dead last on a new ranking of “Bible-Minded” cities, based on residents’ frequency of Bible reading and their belief in the accuracy of the Bible.

The annual study from the American Bible Society and Barna Research Group puts the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland metropolitan area as 97th among U.S. cities, with number one going to Chattanooga, Tenn.

Ranked lower than the Bay Area were Boston, Mass, the greater Albany, NY area, and the Providence, RI region.

Compared to last year, the Bay Area ranked 90th, and has dropped seven places.

Researchers ask how often in the past week respondents had read the Bible, and then correlated that to their belief in the accuracy and infallibility of the Bible.  The goal of the research is to understand and compare the overall spiritual mindset of a region.

'Bible-Minded' Cities 2014 (Credit Barna Group)

‘Bible-Minded’ Cities 2014 (Credit Barna Group)

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