- Annie Reuter | Radio.com

(CBS SF/Radio.com) – Many people first discovered Christina Perri through prominent placement of her 2010 single “Jar of Hearts” on TV’s So You Think You Can Dance, but that’s not to say Perri didn’t receive early radio support as well. The singer-songwriter, who has a new album out in March, explained to Radio.com what it meant for her career when two very young, very D.I.Y. DJs premiered her music over the airwaves.

“I remember the first moment my song was on the radio so well,” she said. ”It is probably one of my favorite stories to this day. I was driving on my first promo trip, I don’t know if you my whole story, but how I went from a waitress to a recording artist over night. I didn’t know anything about radio promo, I didn’t know anything about shows, I was the greenest you could possibly be.”

Perri was driving with her radio rep and guitar player to Monterey listening to what she thought was a college radio station.

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“The reason why we kept it on was because they kept playing cool stuff like Jeff Buckley into Paul Simon. It was just this great mix,” she recalled. “All of a sudden the DJs come on and they’re two 13-year-old girls literally broadcasting from their bedroom. I’m not even kidding. I don’t even know how it’s possible.”

Read more about Christina’s first time on the radio on Radio.com


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