SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – With the 49ers showcasing their athletic talents on the golf course, niner nation is reduced to rooting for the Seahawks to fail in this Sunday’s Super Bowl. If that’s not enough to get your juices flowing, you may look to Vegas for a bit of added action, but beware – there are some really trivial bets out there that aren’t worth your wager.

Here is a quick look at the most obscure offerings that we advise you to avoid (as found on the gaming website Bovada):

Will Denver Bronco running back Knowshon Moreno cry during the singing of the national anthem?
$100 bet wins you $150 if he sheds a tear. It would be the most you’ve enjoyed watching a grown man cry since the Pete Carroll’s “what’s your deal” game against Harbaugh at Stanford.

Will Renee Flemming wear gloves when she starts singing the National Anthem?
Oddsmakers think she’s going to be bundled up when she belts out the starts and stripes, but we simply can’t advise putting your money on anything a Soprano does in Jersey.

How many times will Seattle backers, known as the ‘12th Man’ get mentioned?
The line for this is over-under two, with the over holding a slight advantage. Even if it gets mentioned once, that’s a million percent more than you’ll hear it when the ‘Hawks and Niners face off at Levis Stadium next year.

Will Michael Crabtree Mention Richard Sherman in a tweet during the Super Bowl?
I know we’re all still smarting from the NFC Championship game loss, but come on guys – it’s time to move on from this story. Oddsmakers are betting Crabtree has, the “no” bet is a huge favorite.

Will announcers say the word “Marijuana” during the game?
The legal marijuana states square off in the Super Bowl thing has generated some funny internet banter and more than a handful of entertaining memes, but if we have to listen to Joe Buck talk about it, we all lose.

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