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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/ALICE@97.3) – The line in singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson’s current single “Kinks Shirt” goes “meet me at 9th and Irving…” Along with Jayn of Alice@97.3 radio, that’s exactly what they did.

Matt Nathanson Talks ‘Kinks Shirt’ w/ Jayn – Part I
Matt Nathanson Talks ‘Kinks Shirt’ w/ Jayn – Part II

The pair met at Howard’s Café, located at 1309 9th Avenue in San Francisco, just footsteps away from Irving Street. Leo Sunga, co-owner of the café said many people would stop by, have a little lunch and ask the question “Is this the place that has the girl with the Kinks shirt?” Unfortunately, the answer is “no” and Leo would then let them down easy. These days he may have to answer a new question, “Where did Matt Nathanson and Jayn sit?”

Their chat began with Jayn asking if it as his intention to have San Francisco play a dominant role on his latest album “Last of The Great Pretenders.” Nathanson replied, “It just showed up. I was writing these songs and I started to not edit out parts of my life.”

When asked about the most random place and time he has heard his music on the radio or anywhere for that matter. During a visit at a Whole Foods in Manhattan, Nathanson heard a familiar drum beat and said, “Man, that’s good sounding kick drum, boy that kit sounds great! That’s a killer sound. Oh wait, that’s me.” Turned out to be the intro to one of his first hits “Come On Get Higher.”

mnathanson jayn01 Rendezvous With Matt Nathanson At 9th & Irving

The San Francisco resident, Nathanson reveals more about his fandom and how social media plays a huge part in it. He also talks about the after effects of writing at dark/poppy song.

Read more about Jayn’s time with Matt Nathanson at RadioAlice.com.
Keep up with Jayn (and her Kinks shirt) at RadioAlice.com/Jayn and on Facebook.


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