by Bill Disbrow

SEATTLE (CBS SF) – An estimated 700,000 Seattle Seahawks fans flooded the downtown area Wednesday for the team’s Super Bowl victory parade, but one observer stood out from the crowd – literally.

Photos posted on social media show the unnamed Niner die-hard proudly sporting the red and gold as Hawks fans stand back aghast.

During the parade, Seattle Coach Pete Carroll led the crowd in a “Seahawks! Seahawks!” chant and said the team will be back. “We’re just getting warmed up, if you know what I’m talking about,” he said.

The 49er fan just wanted to remind the Seahawks faithful that the Niners would also be back challenging for the NFC West and Super Bowl crowns:

News of the scene, which first appeared on the blog SFist, has generated comments labeling the young man everything from a hero to a sore loser. It wasn’t clear from the posting how much verbal abuse the fan took from ‘Hawks backers.

The 49ers falling short in the NFC Championship game has proven very difficult for fans to swallow, prompting some to claim there was an NFL conspiracy. There was a lot riding on the line heading into the showdown between the NFL’s newest rivals.

The Seahawks put the game away when Richard Sherman intercepted Colin Kaepernick’s pass in the closing minutes. Then in a now-famous post-game interview he railed against 49er Michael Crabtree, whom he called “a sorry receiver” who “wouldn’t make the top 20 NFL receivers.” The comments drew the ire of 49er fans, who had already spent the better part of the year exchanging mostly good-natured pranks with Seattle fans.

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