The government and water agencies are watching your water use, with mandatory conservation in some areas. But who’s watching them?

Have you spotted a problem with an errant sprinkler, a leaky faucet, or dripping hose? Report the problem, and KPIX 5 and KCBS will see if we can get them to solve it.

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  1. patriot93610 says:

    Reblogged this on Chowchilla Patriot and commented:
    I remember at one of my Lions Club meetings where the city came in to talk about the new meters. I asked the question about policing. Will you use theses smart meters to police water users? The guy said “you damn right we will” he said they know your watering days and if you are using excessive water on a non watering day it will spawn a drive by, by the local water company to see where it is being used. They will ticket you. Big brother at its finest.

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